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I’m an expert in all matters related to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from how to get started to the financial implications of trading and investing.

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I’m a pioneer in advising the crypto ecosystem. I can confidently say that my knowledge and experience guarantee quality and professional solutions, founded on expertise in the adoption of blockchain technology and other DLTs.  

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The Mastery of Cryptocurrency

I’m a lawyer and an expert in cryptocurrencies. I provide specialized legal services advising both companies and individuals and investors, in all operations and legal problems arising from the use of cryptocurrencies.

A cryptocurrency lawyer is a licensed attorney who also has knowledge of and experience in cryptocurrency-related issues. In other words, I can provide legal guidance on major and minor issues within the blockchain industry. 

The list of activity with which I am able to lend legal support is long. However, among the most common aspects my clients seek help on are:

  • The legality of ICOs (initial coin offerings), security tokens and stablecoins
  • Registering a blockchain project as a for-profit corporation or nonprofit foundation
  • Crypto tax issues that arise from buying and selling cryptocurrency
  • Intellectual property right matters, including those relating to the use of open source copyright
  • KYC/AML matters that arise for exchanges, money services businesses and all other crypto-related businesses
  • Different regulatory regimes in the US, Malta, Switzerland and others


In addition to providing individual support, with the completion of my MBA in Banking and Finance, I am also actively involved in advising regulators, banks and other financial institutions.


Digital is the future

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. There are several types: some depend on their users, others are more centralized networks, which also depend on companies.

Bitcoin, for example, is a decentralized virtual currency. Its own users are the ones who determine the value based on use.

There is no central bank or any intermediate institution that can manipulate its price or issue more units than those that have been stipulated.



Cryptocurrency Consultations

I specialize in helping clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe.

Blockchain Development

I offer blockchain development services for creating tokens, smart contracts and other software solutions. I also provide code audits and project guidance for existing applications.

Crypto Realty

I consult on how to buy or rent real estate with your crypto assets, making the best use of a global network of real estate and business contacts.

Research and Education

I provide research and technical analysis for evaluating blockchain projects. Whether you want advice on technical details or just understand the industry landscape, I will make sure you’re fully informed.

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Finding Cryptocurrency Answers Has Never Been Easier

The world of cryptocurrencies has many areas that go beyond buying a digital currency and expecting it to increase in value or using it as a payment method.

I not only offer a portal to understanding the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, but I also offer expertise in different fields such as trading, taxation and mining.

From individual investors seeking onboarding advice to institutions seeking consultancy, I have the solutions and answers you are looking for.

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