Angelo Babb explains the different type of digital currencies available to consumers

It is easy to create your own digital currency today. Despite the potential benefits and risks, there is still confusion around the terminology of money. Angelo Babb is a specialist in cryptocurrencies and clarifies the differences between virtual money, digital money and cryptocurrency. Although digital money, virtual currency and cryptocurrency are often used interchangeably, these […]

Angelo Babb explains how to get the most out of your cryptocurrency investments

Investing in cryptocurrencies or any other financial market is no joke. As a beginner or even as an experienced player, you will need to consider several factors and take into account various crypto investment tips and tricks to maximize your profits and minimize risk. Angelo Babb, a cryptocurrency expert, provides insight into how to make […]

Angelo Babb explains the difference between cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens

The financial sector has many opportunities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. There is still much confusion over the various elements. Angelo Babb, a specialist in cryptocurrency, explains one aspect, the differences between tokens and coins. Tokens can be created by using another’s blockchain. The blockchains don’t have to be created correctly. Instead, you can read the […]

Angelo Babb explains how the retail environment is changing through cryptocurrency

Many people became aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency a few years back. There has been significant progress in the implementation and value of blockchain technology in many areas. Some cryptocurrencies have seen their value increase so that incorporation in other countries has increased. Angelo Babb is an expert in all things cryptocurrency, and provides […]

Angelo Babb explains why buying cryptocurrency can be advantageous

Rumors of a slowdown, or even an economic downturn, are becoming increasingly real. In certain parts of the world, it is perceived that this is already happening, and in Europe, it is perceived as less immediate but deeper. However, in Latin America, despite the strong inflation experienced by countries, the IMF forecasts economic growth for […]

Cryptocurrency expert Angelo Babb explains how to protect cryptocurrency investments

Cryptocurrency security is a hot topic, and you need to know the dangers of cryptocurrencies. The most important thing about cryptocurrency investments is to secure your investment and the assets you have acquired. You should be aware of centralized cryptocurrency services, which don’t just offer the same kind of security you get at banks or […]

Angelo Babb Reid discusses the real-world value of cryptocurrencies

According to a report by a prominent blockchain analytics firm, cryptocurrency adoption increased more than 2,300% in the second quarter of 2021. This is more than the global third quarter, and more than 881% over last year. These variations indicate that adoption is a worldwide phenomenon. However, the report says that it’s not clear how […]

Cryptocurrency expert Angelo Babb explains some of the advantages of cryptocurrency

The debate over whether cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are valid continues. However, for those that understand the concept, the financial value digital currencies offer is tremendous. Angelo Babb, a cryptocurrency expert, provides some of the primary reasons consumers should consider the legitimacy of digital currencies. With Bitcoin, you are your own bank. But in doing so, […]

Angelo Babb Reid explains why not to fear a cryptocurrency winter

The history of cryptocurrencies, although short, is cyclical. Since the creation of Bitcoin in January 2009, the major cryptocurrency has suffered large rises and long crypto winters. Therefore, understanding this concept and the nature that, until now, Bitcoin has registered a history of repeated cycles is fundamental. Angelo Babb Reid, an expert in cryptocurrencies and […]